Join the hustle


The Laagha’s Hustle is an entrepreneurship program developed to give the necessary training, development and investment needed to pursue your dream life. Similar to the service and food, the Laagha’s Hustle offers a unique opportunity for all exceptional individuals looking for a real chance to break out from the routine lifestyle.

Why the hustle?

Finding your true potential is a hustle. Laagha’s as a business was created by an individual that dared himself to release his potential by tapping into his uniqueness and serving it to the world. With the immense success, growth and development achieved is why the laagha’s hustle is created. Its purpose is to support and develop ambitious individuals that want to deploy themselves too.

How it works

There are 3 levels to the laagha’s hustle. Throughout your journey in the hustle, you’ll find that as your level of investment grows, so will you grow stronger, developing the drive and passion necessary to dive deep within yourself to release more and more of your potential.

Level 1

Serving on the front line. Working with the team, learning and discovering the secrets behind the trade. Maintaining/improving standards.

Level 2

Leading & supervising the team on the front line and assisting in the management. Developing, training and building the team, working with management directly to make necessary changes and improvements.

Level 3

Serving business investors/ owners by ensuring smooth operating business. Leading and developing quality supervisors and frontliners. Ensuring a profitable business for owners.

Benefits of working with Laagha’s

Free meal & discounts

You can get a free meal during your shifts, as well as 20% off & 10% off voucher for friends and family

Paid holidays

We offer 28 days of holidays, plus 4 weeks sabbatical pay for every 5 years of continual working

Free gym membership

We offer free gym memberships to everyone on the hustle team. We understand the value of great health and how it can improve your work