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Waffle / Bagel / Brioche Buns

Served with cheese and Laagha’s special sauce

Chicken & Bacon

Fried chicken and turkey bacon (halal)

Cheese Burger

Gourmet beef burger, cheese and gherkin

Double Cheese Burger

2 x Gourmet beef burger, double cheese and gherkin

The Hustler

Gourmet beef patty, turkey bacon (halal), fried plantain, fried egg and BBQ sauce

Jerk Island

Pulled jerk chicken, fried plantain and fried egg

The Big Boss

Fried chicken fillets, turkey bacon (halal), fried plantain and fried egg

Beef Eater

Pulled beef, fried plantain and fried egg

No Meat (V)

Vegetable burger and plantain

Plantain (V)

Fried plantain

Brunch Tower

Chicken sausage, turkey bacon (halal) and fried egg

Chicken & Plantain

Fried chicken and plantain